Selma has the largest contiguous historic district in the entire southeastern United States. Within the entire 14 square miles that make up our great city, we can allow visitors to experience history from slavery through the election of President Barack Obama.  We are in a prime position to become one of the most notable tourist destinations in the country if we work together to:

  • Provide incentives to existing small businesses as well as new businesses that create jobs and training opportunities for Selmians.

  • Encourage investment in the remodeling and building of family-friendly entertainment venues and retail spaces.

  • Improve the condition of our infrastructure (i.e. resurface streets, improve drainage).

  • Give equal access to municipal services for start-ups and local entrepreneurs.

  • Implement a strategic plan to revitalize our downtown neighborhoods and other tourist attractions.

  • Utilize our existing natural resources, like the Alabama River, to increase the number of activities available to residents and visitors.

  • Encourage partnerships between city and county government as well as entities like the Craig Field Airport and Industrial Authority and Wallace Community College Selma to capitalize on our opportunities to grow businesses.

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